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Related post: Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 16:03:22 -0500 (EST) From: Marc Subject: Reflections In A Mirror (Part 5)Disclaimer:The following story deals with incest, watersports and scat between consenting gay men. If you find this subject matter offensive or if you are under the age of eighteen, STOP nude teen kids porn HERE!Reflections In A Mirror (Part 5) By Rim4youChapter OneI spent the night with Kevin. As the two of us drifted young anal teen porn off to sleep my mind was filled with curiosity. I was curious about Dad, Kevin and Joey playing, from what Kevin told me, for a number of years and I never had the slightest suspicions. Where was I when all this was happening? Why did Joey keep this from me? I was bound and determined to talk to Joey.In the days that followed I set into motion my plans to move small tit teens to Brandon. Mr. Saunders, my supervisor, wasn't too pleased with my leaving but wholeheartedly authorized my job transfer. After I got my job transfer squared away I sat down one evening and telephoned my brother, Joey."Why didn't you tell me what was going on Joey? We never kept secrets from each other. When Kevin told me, I cried. I felt so rejected, Joey. Was I that snobbish back young teen tits when we were kids?""Oh Kyle! I didn't mean for this to gay teen boys hurt you. When Kevin called me and told me that he had unloaded ... porn tits teen I ... uh ...""What, Joey?""I dunno. teen porn web site I don't know why I kept it from you to be honest. I guess deep down inside I wanted you all to myself. I remember telling alyssa teen nude Dad and Kev one day that if they ever laid a hand on you, I would say something. Tell someone. I'm sorry, Kyle. Here I was having my fun teen video free porn and left you out teen sex xxx in the cold. Now I guess you feel that I've been using you all these years. But I was just a kid back then and the idea that our Dad and Kev wanted me ... I ...""Joey! I don't feel that way. It just came as a shock, that's all. You're not upset that Kevin and I played around, are you?""Oh, hell no, Kyle! Does this change the way you feel about me?""Nope! I'll always love you, Joey. You know that.""You know how I feel about you, Kyle. That hasn't changed.""I know, Joey.""Have you played with Dad xxx teen cams yet?""No! Give me some time to adjust, Joey!""But you're thinking about it, aren't you, Kyle?""Well ... uh ... yeah. I'm intrigued.""He really does want you, Kyle. It's just that back then, he and Kev respected my wish, or threat, whichever you prefer, not to beautiful teen porn lay a hand on you. Now that we're all adults, things are different.""Does Dad get raunchy, nude 18 teen videos Joey?""That's for me to know and kayla teen porn you to find out!""Joey!""Hey! Seems like you broke Kevin in quite nicely!""He told you?""Every dirty detail, Kyle! Fuck! I got so hot and bothered when he was telling me that I jacked off while we were talking!""Did Kevin know you were jacking off over the phone?""Hell yeah, Kyle! Kevin was doing the same thing! I know what the two of you did but ...""But what?""You sure did ameteur teen porn turn Kevin inside out!""Fuck, Joey! I'm not all that!""Trust me, Kyle. You have a very erotic, sensual manner about you. I'm more open. You know. teen sex storys Fuck it. Come and get it. But you, Kyle ... uh ... you're more seductive but once you get cranked up ... watch out!"I teen porn pussys hung up the phone with Joey and flung myself upon my bed thinking, wondering what it would be like to have sex with geocities teen porn Dad, Kevin Joey and myself. I chuckled as I reached under the bed and rumaged in my gym bag for my asian american teen porn favorite dildo ...With Carlos and Mario as added spice to our family tryst!Chapter Two"Thanks, Mom! Fantastic dinner as usual!" I said, as she and Bernie cleared the table."I only wish Joey were here!" Mom sighed. "Have you boys got the U-Haul all loaded up?""Yes, Mom. teen porn in mexico For the umpteenth time! Kyle is all set to go!"Mom dabbed her eyes and scurried off to the kitchen, crying. "My twins have flown away!""Bernie!" Dad said. indian teen porn girls "Go check on your Mama, please."Bernie headed out towards the kitchen where goth teen porn pics Mom's sobs could be heard."Jeez, Dad!" I said, hanging my head and all of a sudden feeling free teen school porn a twinge of guilt, "had I known Mom was gonna take it this hard, I free teen porn story ...""Don't you worry about your Mama, son." american teen porn Dad responded, claspiing me around the shoulder very young teen nude and giving me a reassuring hug. "deep down inside she's relieved that you and Joey will be together. At least I know how close the two of you are."I looked up at cute porn teen my father and he winked at me. Kevin diverted Robert's attention with small talk.My father's grip felt good. It was so strong. Very similar to Kevin's. I couldn't teen nude help but free watch teen porn feel a twinge of excitement surging between my legs, now that I knew the whole truth.At fifty-six, my Dad, Bryan Singleton, was a strapping figure of a man. Everyone remarked pregnant porn teen pic at how my brother porn teen titans disney Kevin was the spitting image of teen girl sites porn Dad. Both had similar builds. Dad having retained his physique erotic tiny teens nude through years of hard work in the teen porn boy video construction industry. pregant teen porn Like Joey and I, Dad and Kevin were almost mirror reflections of one another down to their striking violet eyes. The only difference between the two, from what I could see, was that Dad had whisps of gray at the temples which gave him a distinguished look."Robert?""Yeah, hon?""I think Mom could use some cheering up. It's still early and Mom said she'd like to pick up a few things for Kyle and Joey before Kyle leaves tomorrow. You mind, guys, if Mom and chinese teen free porn I went out on a little shopping expedition?""That's okay with me, Bernie." Robert said. "Do you want me to drive you and Mom?""Hell no!" Bernie responded. "It's girls night out! You guys get to clean up the dishes!""Ma?" I hollered.Mom came back into the diningroom still crying. I got up and put my arms around my mother, holding her close."Don't worry, Ma! perverted teen porn pictures Joey and I are gonna asian teen chubby porn be just fine.""I know! I know, Kyle! It's just ...""Don't cry, Ma, or you'll get me started, okay?""Come on, Mom!" Bernie said, "let's exotic teen porn teen asain porn sites shop till we drop!"Bernie swung by Dad and whispered in his ear."I discussed it with Mom in the kitchen. I think it would be best that she spend the night with Robert english lesbian teens and I. If she looks at Kyle all night she won't stop crying!"Dad nodded his head."Okay guys, you're on your own tonight and don't get too wasted!" Bernie hollered, grabbing her purse."Bernadette!" sexy blonde teen porn Mom gasped."Come on, Mom! We're gonna französische teen porn stop by Margie's and Tina's and have us girls our own party. The guys will be just fine! Robert!""Yes, dear?""If ya can't drive home ... on second thought. I've got the car. Spend the night here!""I figured as much, Bernie!""I'll see you in the morning, okay teen black porn sites Ma?" I said, as she kissed me on the cheek."Yes! Yes!" she responded. "Just promise me, Kyle ...""What, Ma?""You and Joey will come home for Christmas.""Of course we will, Ma! We'll be starving by then!"Bernie and Mom headed out the door leaving Dad, Kevin, Robert and I old man teen sex all to ourselves.Chapter Three"Kyle and I will clear the table, Dad. Why don't you and Robert grab a couple of beers and relax." Kevin said."Good enough for me!" Robert chirped, scooting his chair back and heading towards the kitchen to grab a couple of beers.As I bent over the table to grab some plates, Dad patted me on the ass as he walked by to join Robert in the livingroom."What about Robert?" I asked Kevin, as we put up the leftovers in the refrigerator and loaded up the dishwasher."What about him?" Kevin responded. "I wouldn't be surprised, little brother, if his head weren't bobbing up and down on Dad's cock right now!""Jesus!" I exclaimed, looking at Kevin surprised. "Are all the men in this family getting it on with one another?"Kevin laughed."Did I tell you about Uncle David and Uncle Brad?""What?" I gasped."Oh yeah, Kyle! That was one family reunion I'll never forget seeing Dad on his back, his legs up in the air and one by one all of us, even Joey, hairy teen pussy fucking him!""You're kidding?""Nope! Robert too!""Robert?""Put it teen sex porn coed to you this way, Kyle. Robert butters his bread on both sides!""Oh my God! Does Bernie know?""Fuck no, Kyle! And nobody's rated teen porn gonna hurt our sister by her finding out either!"I leaned back against the counter, dumbfounded. I raised up my hand and counted off the names on my fingers."Dad, you, Joey, teen girl ******** Uncle David, Uncle Brad, Robert!""And now you, Kyle!" Kevin chuckled. teen porn shool "Oh! ... uh ... and let's not forget our cousins, James and Robbie!""I free gay teen dating think I'm gonna faint, Kev!""No you're not!" Kevin said, drawing me into his powerful arms. "You are a bit shakey though. Too much family teen nick porn history for one night?""I guess so!" I gasped."They say, incest is best, Kyle!" Kevin whispered, as he kissed me deeply.Chapter FourAs Kevin and I emerged from the kitchen, the house was dark and silent."They're in Dad's office, Kyle." Kevin said. "You okay with this?""Yeah! I'm okay.""They're probably smoking some weed and getting relaxed, waiting for us."Kevin grasped the door knob in his hand and gently pushed the door open. We stepped into the room. It was dimly lit by a single lamp and the glare coming from the big screen television. I glanced at the screen where group of guys were pissing on each other.In deuschtes teen porn the faint glow I saw the shadowy figures of two naked men. One was seated on the leather sofa, legs outstreatched and kneeling before him, head bobbing up and down, was another man."What did I teen porn vidio tell you, Kyle?" Kevin whispered. "Our brother-in-law couldn't wait to get his mouth on some hot cock!"I stood there, tranfixed by the sight porn, teen, senior before me. I looked at site galleriesteentopangacom teen porn Kevin and back at the man seated upon the sofa."You guys look like reflections!" I gasped."Like you and Joey?" Kevin responded, taking off his clothes."Yes!""Except for where it counts." Kevin remarked, stepping out of his jeans and grabbing hold of his dick. "Wait till you see what Dad's got between his legs, Kyle! Take your clothes off."As I stripped, my brother moved towards the two men. He got down on his back and teen porn 04 zoo slid himself underneath my brother-in-law Robert's ass, his face disappearing from view, buried within the cleft.In teen porn free video the flickering light I met my father's gaze as he watched me strip. He smiled approvingly as I walked slowly towards the sofa, my rigid cock bobbing and swaying with every step I took until at last I stood beside the man who sired me twenty-four years ago. Opening his mouth wide I leaned forward and felt the warm, wet cavern of my father's mouth as his lips encircled my engourged cock.The sound free underage teen porn of sloppy, wet slurping filled the room. Robert sucking Dad. Dad sucking me. 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